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Measuring greenhouse gases from space

Measuring greenhouse gases from space
Space agencies examine the extent of greenhouse gases in the air via prisms and gratings in satellites. The latest technology now makes it possible to connect both components with each other so that they are suitable for space thus achieving a new level of quality for spectral resolution. In addition to industrial CO2 emissions, agriculture also contributes significantly to climate change: above all methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), which are released in large quantities due to livestock and fertilisation.
22nd June 2016

Tests show how trucks can reuse engine heat for power

Working with automotive manufacturer Scania, researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology have been testing semi trucks equipped with a system that converts exhaust heat into power — through a process called thermoelectric generation (TEG). The voltage produced by the system can power the truck and reduce the strain on the engine, explains researcher Arash Risseh.
20th May 2016

Arbitrary waveform generators output signals at 625Ms/s

Arbitrary waveform generators output signals at 625Ms/s
Three new M4i series Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG's) have been announced by Spectrum. The new models of the M4i.66xx series offer one, two and four channels with each channel capable of outputting electronic signals at rates of up to 625 Megasamples/second (MS/s) with 16 bit vertical resolution.
17th June 2015

4CC, 256 QAM added to wireless test set LTE-A capabilities

4CC, 256 QAM added to wireless test set LTE-A capabilities
Keysight Technologies has enhanced the E7515A UXM wireless test set to address leading-edge LTE-A carrier aggregation (CA) test requirements. New capabilities include support for downlink 4CC1, 256 QAM, and LTE-U with up to three unlicensed carriers, as well as FDD-TDD mixed CA and uplink intra- and inter-band CA measurements.
21st May 2015

Lidar addition enables floating laboratory

Lidar addition enables floating laboratory
AXYS Technologies is looking to set the standard in floating lidar devices, having deployed a dual ZephIR 300 arrangement on the company's WindSentinel buoy, a world first. The WindSentinel ‘floating laboratory’ delivers a customised full suite of meteorological and metocean data, in addition to the wind speed & direction data used for resource assessment, to better inform the development of offshore wind farms.
22nd April 2015

Embedded databases make grids smarter

Embedded databases make grids smarter
Electrical supply grids are having to become smarter so that they can self-optimise and improve their overall efficiency. Steinar Sande, CEO of database technology specialist company, Raima, explores how embedding controllers around a grid can help measure power flows, demand requirements etc. and leads to real-time management for best performance.
24th October 2014

Test Receiver Covers 10Hz to 26.5GHz Frequency Range

Test Receiver Covers 10Hz to 26.5GHz Frequency Range
Rohde & Schwarz's ESR26 EMI test receiver covers the frequency range from 10Hz to 26.5GHz. The instrument performs conducted or radiated measurements in line with commercial standards such as EN, CISPR and FCC as well as military standards. The North American FCC standard and the CISPR standard both specify EMI measurements up to 18GHz
6th August 2013

Data Translation launches DT8824-HV Ethernet data acquisition module

Data Translation announced the release of the DT8824-HV Ethernet data acquisition module, which is specially designed for measurement technology used in the development and testing of renewable energy systems. The instrument provides four high voltage differential inputs supporting input voltage ranges of ±600V.
8th October 2012

Keithley Donates Model 2440 5A SourceMeter to OSUSVT

Keithley has previously donated a Model 2440 5A SourceMeter to Oregon State University’s Solar Vehicle Team, helping the electrical engineers of tomorrow characterize photovoltaic devices accurately and efficiently. OSUSVT has been using the instrument in analyzing and troubleshooting mono-crystalline silicon solar modules.
26th July 2012

PCB Piezotronics’ 357D90 Accelerometer for Gas Turbine Measurements

PCB Piezotronicsis pleased to announce the release of a new series of high temperature accelerometers and pressure sensors, 357D90. The 357D90 series provide crucial information to enable diagnosis of potential problems, leading to an increase in turbine uptime and a decrease in unplanned maintenance, failures and accidents. Innovations in high temperature accelerometer technology for gas turbine monitoring have led to the development of the new series 357D90, a charge output sensor that enables vibration measurement in extreme heat environments up to 649°C.
17th July 2012

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