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Manufacturing industrial-grade solar inverters

Manufacturing industrial-grade solar inverters
Global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications, AEG Power Solutions, has announced that it has granted to the Ukrainian company SEMAG the exclusive right to manufacture solar inverters under AEG PS technology.
27th March 2019

Hybrid energy storage solution

A global provider of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy applications, AEG Power Solutions has announced it has developed a unique Hybrid Energy Storage System which combines standard battery storage with power-to-heat technology to reduce the total cost of energy storage operation.
22nd June 2016

Service improves solar power generation plant reliability

Providing responsive, expert support for solar power generation plants, AEG Power Solutions has announced its PV Care Check service. By using the services of AEG PS’ certified experts, operators can maximise their plant’s efficiency, and secure its long-term profitability.
3rd February 2015

AEG PS introduce 1000V outdoor inverters at SPI 2013

AEG PS introduce 1000V outdoor inverters at SPI 2013
At SPI 2013, AEG Power Solutions introduces two new members of its broad inverter line for the Americas. The Protect PV.500 OD UL and Protect PV.630 OD UL are compact, high efficiency central solar inverters. They are both UL-certified, and are designed for American utility-scale applications on ground area installations in harsh outdoor environments.
18th October 2013

AEG Power Solutions launches compact 880 kVA central solar inverter for utility-scale applications in harsh outdoor environments

AEG Power Solutions launches the Protect PV.880 OD, a compact high efficiency central solar inverter for utility-scale applications on ground area installations in harsh outdoor environments. The new 880 kVA solar inverter solution supports up to 1300 kWp. Its integrated power stack PV core enables an input DC voltage of up to 1,000 V and peak efficiencies of 98.7%.
8th July 2013

AEG Power Solutions Announce Modular Photovoltaic Inverter

AEG Power Solutions introduce the new modular photovoltaic solar inverter, with leading-edge power electronics in a transformerless, modular design. Engineered for optimum efficiency and availability, the three-phase, transformerless central inverters deliver efficiencies greater than 97 percent in a compact, lightweight modular package. Made in America and built in units of 15 kW, they scale economically from 15 kW to 150 kW, making them perfect for commercial installations.
29th May 2013

AEG Power Solutions Awarded Major Solar Contract In Madhya Pradesh

AEG Power Solutions has announced that it was awarded a 30 MW solar power plant project from the pioneers of Renewable Energy Certificate Mechanisms in India, M and B Switchgears. Located in Madhya Pradesh, M and B Switchgears will be provided with high reliability inverters for their solar power plant by AEGPS within the first quarter of 2013.
21st March 2013

AEG Power Solutions Wins 240MW Solar Power Plant Contract In Eastern Europe

AEG Power Solutions opens the year by announcing a major contract with a large Western European EPC. This deal is the third large solar contract in Eastern Europe that the group is awarded. It covers photovoltaic utility scale equipment and services for 240 MW. AEG Power Solutions will provide complete electrical systems for nine photovoltaic power plants in Eastern Europe.
1st February 2013

AEG Power Solutions Opens New Office In Santiago De Chile Targeting Solar Market

AEG Power Solutions is carrying on developing its solar activities on growing markets outside Western Europe. The company is opening a new branch office in Santiago de Chile, focusing on this business. The office will be managed by Luis Garcia, former Managing Director of Opción Dos (Solar Engineering company, acquired by AEG PS in 2010) and with more than ten years of experience in Energy, the last eight in photovoltaic. This office will be supported by Phd. Freddy Cañizales, who has over 20 years of experience with AEG Power Solutions, and will be the Technical Manager for Latin America.
3rd January 2013

AEG Deliver High Efficent Rectifiers For E.ON Power-To-Gas Pilot Plant

AEG Power Solutions announce that it has been chosen by Hydrogenics, Belgium, due to its technology leadership in power supply solutions, to provide its high efficient rectifiers for the E.ON power-to-gas pilot plant. Hydrogenics, as the general contractor, provides all components for the site including installation, connection and maintenance service for a 5-year-period.
3rd January 2013

AEG Power Solutions Wins Ukrainian Martifer Solar Contract For PV Power Plant Equipment

3W Power Ukraine, subsidiary of AEG Power Solutions signed its first contract with the solar division of the Portuguese multinational group Martifer. This deal covers photovoltaic utility scale equipment for two solar farms which will generate 5.25 MW.
17th December 2012

South Africa gets first utility-scale solar inverters facility

AEG Power Solutions today celebrated the official inauguration of its 200MW per annum manufacturing facility. Based in Milnerton, this 3400 sqm factory was built specifically for the manufacture of the company’s world-renowned utility-scale Solar Inverters and Skytron Combiner Boxes, and is the first facility of its kind in Southern Africa.
25th September 2012

High Efficient Central Inverter Protect PV.630 Outdoor version Setting New Market Standards

AEG proclaims the expansion of its product portfolio with a new central inverter with 630 kW performance constructed to IP54 standards for outdoor installation. The system can be easily transported to the customers PV power plant sites and can be connected between the PV plant and the grid in the shortest of times.
9th July 2012

AEG Power Solutions Expands Solar Product Portfolio with Central Inverter Protect PV.630

AEG has announced the expansion of its product portfolio with a new central inverter with 630 kW performance. The new inverter is the next step in AEG‘s offering of high-end utility-class inverters. The product is available as of today.
9th July 2012

AEG Power Solutions Invests In Solar Equipment Manufacturing In Its 3W Power South-African Subsidiary

AEG has made a significant investment in South Africa with the construction of a premium manufacturing facility for its utility-scale solar inverters and skytron combiner boxes for its world class monitoring and control solutions. The factory, based just outside of Cape Town, is 3,400 sqm, with the capacity to produce at least 200 MW per annum. The South African company has been registered and is operating under the same name as the group’s holding: 3W Power and is selling under the AEG brand.
9th July 2012

AEG Power Solutions Is Awarded a 6MW contract for Hydrogen Electrolysis Process in Hybrid Power Generation Plant

AEG Power Solutions has been awarded its 4th order for its innovative power supply system for electrolysis within one year. This recent order is the biggest one signed by AEG PS for the Thyrobox H2 during the past 12 months. The AEG PS power supply system will be used for the hydrogen electrolyzer with a total capacity of 6 MW, in a hybrid power generation plant under construction in the North of Germany.
30th April 2012

AEG PS Expands High-efficiency Solar Product Range with Compact Metallic Housing and New String Inverter Options

AEG Power Solutions customers can now benefit from a lighter, more compact version of the company’s PV.500 PV Inverter thanks to a new, outdoor metallic housing. Compared to traditional concrete stations, the PV.500-MH offers numerous logistical benefits due to its lighter weight and smaller size.
3rd February 2012

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