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When mixing freshwater with saltwater produces energy

When mixing freshwater with saltwater produces energy
Penn State researchers have created a new hybrid technology that produces unprecedented amounts of electrical power where seawater and freshwater combine at the coast. "The goal of this technology is to generate electricity from where the rivers meet the ocean," said Christopher Gorski, assistant professor in environmental engineering at Penn State. "It's based on the difference in the salt concentrations between the two water sources."
30th May 2017

Research explores safer fuel for nuclear reactors

Research explores safer fuel for nuclear reactors
Michael Tonks, assistant professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering, Penn State, and director, Microstructure Science and Engineering Laboratory, Penn State, is involved with three projects through the Department of Energy's Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP). These projects are exploring new materials for nuclear fuel, which could make current LWRs safer.
21st March 2016

Science can link climate change with extreme weather events

Extreme weather events like floods, heat waves and droughts can devastate communities and populations worldwide. Recent scientific advances have enabled researchers to confidently say that the increased intensity and frequency of some, but not all, of these extreme weather events is influenced by human-induced climate change, according to an international National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine report.
11th March 2016

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