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Stabilising solar cell materials using lead-free preparation

Lead-free, more efficient solar cells and other optoelectronics devices will likely be based on a family of materials known as hybrid perovskites. Scientists identified how to control different properties and stability in these solar cell materials using lead-free preparation. These new design principles identified super-ion building blocks, clusters of atoms that carry the same charge as the ions that they replace. Scientists can tailor these building blocks improve stability and other desired traits.
1st August 2016

Modeling sunlight harvesting in nanostructures

To create the next-gen of solar panels and other light-driven devices, scientists must model how complex interactions occur. Modeling across different scales, from individual atoms to very large systems with thousands of atoms, provides needed insights. In a review article in Chemical Reviews, a team of scientists assessed the state of the art for calculations used to model electronic states in exceedingly thin films.
1st August 2016

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