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Converting biogas into electricity

Converting biogas into electricity
A University of Queensland researcher has turned waste into power, partnering with Queensland Urban Utilities to convert biogas into electricity. The UQ Advanced Water Management Centre's Dr Shihu Hu has been researching at Queensland's largest wastewater treatment facility, at Brisbane's Luggage Point. "The site gives me unlimited access to free samples, with about 60 Olympic swimming pools of waste arriving every day," he said.
8th June 2016

World temperature could rise rapidly by 2020

World temperature could rise rapidly by 2020
Global warming could occur more quickly than expected, according to a new model by University of Queensland and Griffith University researchers. The model is the first to include 'energy use per person' as a predictive factor rather than focusing solely on economies or populations. It forecasts that population and economic growth combined with rising energy use per person could significantly increase global energy demand and CO2 emissions, causing world average temperature to rise by 1.5 degrees as early as 2020.
10th March 2016

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