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Securing smart energy

The combination of renewable energies, traditional technology and optimised management promises to meet the economic and environmental challenges inherent in both energy generation and energy consumption. By Mark Pitchford, Field Applications Engineer, LDRA.
4th July 2014

Devkit for high-performance solar power systems

Devkit for high-performance solar power systems
  Enabling engineers to design highly efficient and reliable grid-tied solar micro inverters, Texas Instruments announces the C2000 Solar Micro Inverter Development Kit. The kit implements a complete grid-tied solar micro inverter based around TI's C2000 Piccolo TMS320F28035 microcontroller.
16th May 2014

Flexing the ability of wireless control

Flexing the ability of wireless control
Energy harvesting technology is reaching maturity and when coupled with low-power wireless solutions it allows OEMs to explore the possibilities of an entirely new flexible and robust control domain. Frank Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of EnOcean, explores more in this article from ES Design magazine.
18th October 2013

Integrate Protection With Isolation In Home Renewable Energy Systems White Paper

Home energy systems based on renewable sources such as solar and wind power are becoming more popular among consumers and gaining increasing support from governmental bodies. Such systems, however, need fault protection in order to achieve the product lifetime that consumers demand as well as isolation to ensure consumer safety. Integrating the two capabilities can help simplify system design as well as lower cost.
1st July 2013

TI infuses C2000 Concerto dual-core microcontrollers with higher performance, increased memory and more I/Os in a smaller package

Texas Instruments announces its latest 32-bit C2000 Concerto microcontrollers for renewable energy and smart grid applications that require power conversion, remote data sharing, diagnostics, monitoring and control from a single device.
3rd October 2012

Become an ultra-low power expert and achieve ultimate power optimization with TI’s new ULP Advisor software code analysis tool for MSP430 microcontrollers

Today Texas Instruments Incorporated announced another ultra-low-power industry first with the ULP Advisor software code analysis tool, teaching developers how to create the most energy-efficient, ultra-low-power applications with TI’s MSP430 microcontrollers – and helping make the world greener one design at a time.
22nd May 2012

ACAL Energy Commissions Innovative Fuel Cell System

ACAL Energy has successfully commissioned the first field test system of its innovative FlowCath platinum-free liquid cathode fuel cell technology. The installation proceeded as planned at the Solvay Interox chemical plant in Warrington, Cheshire.
17th May 2012

ACAL Energy Shows New Fuel Cell Stack Design

ACAL Energy attracted a lot of interest at the FC EXPO show recently, when it unveiled a new, compact, low cost fuel cell stack design with a rated power of 12 kW and a power density of over 1 kW per litre. The new design is six times smaller than the previous generation, and is expected to be of interest in both automotive and stationery power generation applications.
17th May 2012

Renewable Energy Developer’s Kit Overview

This document describes the Renewable Energy Developer’s Kit evaluation board designed to work with Texas Instruments C2000 microcontrollers. This kit is a part of TI’s digital power tools package designed to give customers an opportunity to quickly evaluate TI C2000 products for power conversion applications at a safe input voltage and power level.
9th March 2012

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