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Riello UPS Multi Sentry achieves Government standard in energy efficiency

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems manufactured by Riello UPS could now save buyers thousands of pounds in upfront costs after qualifying for Government energy efficiency standards. The Riello UPS Multi Sentry range between 30 and 100 kVA has been listed on the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Technology List which encourages businesses to invest in approved energy saving technologies.
11th January 2013

JEDEC Qualified 600V GaN HEMT from Transphorm

Transphorm have revealed the JEDEC qualification of the company’s TPH2006PS, GaN HEMT on SiC substrate, making it the industry’s first qualified 600V HEMT device. The TPH2006PS, based on its patented, high-performance EZ-GaN technology, combines low switching and conduction losses resulting in reduced energy loss of up to 50% compared to conventional silicon-based power conversion designs, today.
13th September 2012

High Efficient Central Inverter Protect PV.630 Outdoor version Setting New Market Standards

AEG proclaims the expansion of its product portfolio with a new central inverter with 630 kW performance constructed to IP54 standards for outdoor installation. The system can be easily transported to the customers PV power plant sites and can be connected between the PV plant and the grid in the shortest of times.
9th July 2012

Green Hybrid Digital, Dual PWM Controller Delivers Optimal Intel VR12 Solution

Intersil Corporation today introduced a new green hybrid digital, dual PWM controller that is compliant with Intel’s VR12/IMVP7 specification. The ISL6367 incorporates a 6-phase PWM to control the microprocessor core or memory voltage regulator and a single-phase peripheral PWM voltage regulator for graphics, system agent or processor I/O.
6th June 2012

SEHO Systems Introduces the Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient PowerWave N2

SEHO Systems GmbH debuting the new PowerWave N2 with the SEHO tunnel concept for reduced nitrogen and energy consumption. The PowerWave N2 is equipped with a closed tunnel system. The special design of the stainless steel tunnel results in low nitrogen consumption. The innovative tunnel insulation ensures very high energy efficiency, a clear advantage for production costs.
6th June 2012

6th Generation Mega Power Dual IGBT

Mitsubishi Electric is introducing its 6th generation Mega Power Dual (MPD) Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules. The modules, which are for use in power converters such as large-capacity photovoltaic and wind power generation systems, are also suitable for other high-power applications e.g. in the areas of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and AC motor control.
8th May 2012

eASIC Enables 3X Increase in Energy Efficiency for Astrophysical Simulation Supercomputer

eASIC Corporation today announced that Tokyo Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Hitotsubashi University, has successfully demonstrated a 3X increase in energy efficiency for a green supercomputer used for performing astronomical simulations. By leveraging eASIC´s low power Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC devices, Tokyo Institute of Technology was able to achieve an energy efficiency ratio of 6.5 GFLOPS/Watt for its GRAPE-8 supercomputer.
4th May 2012

500W models added to TDK-Lambda GWS series of ‘Green’ power supplies

TDK Corporation announces the new TDK-Lambda GWS500 series of ‘green’ power supplies. Complying with the energy saving requirements of the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive, the GWS500 AC-DC power supply uses innovative design techniques to combine high efficiency, high power density and low standby power with the confidence of a five-year warranty. The GWS500 is well -suited to a broad range of industrial applications, including ATE, automation and instrumentation.
20th March 2012

World's most energy-efficent processor from ARM targets low-cost MCU, sensor and control markets

ARM today announced the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, the world’s most energy-efficient microprocessor. The Cortex-M0+ processor has been optimized to deliver ultra low-power, low-cost MCUs for intelligent sensors and smart control systems in a broad range of applications including home appliances, white goods, medical monitoring, metering, lighting and power and motor control devices.
13th March 2012

New Apex VO unit cuts housing electricity bills and carbon footprint

Up to 20% energy savings can be achieved by housing associations using the new Voltage Optimisation (VO) unit from Apex Energy UK. The easy-to-install Apex VO unit has been introduced to help reduce energy consumption levels as well as the costs and carbon emissions associated with residential property stock.
9th March 2012

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