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Geothermal storage for densely populated areas

Geothermal storage for densely populated areas
Geothermal probes and heat pumps provide an effective alternative to oil heating, but they aren’t suitable for use in densely populated areas where probes in close proximity extract too much heat from the ground. However, using probes for heat storage as well could unlock their considerable potential. Thanks to geothermal probes and heat pumps, it’s possible for heat to be channelled directly from the subsurface to houses.
12th January 2017

Drilling to expand geothermal electricity output

Scientists in Iceland have drilled into a reservoir of extremely hot water that has the potential to greatly expand geothermal electricity output. Now ETH geoscientists have for the first time been able to produce a realistic simulation of how such reservoirs are created. They predict that these natural phenomena are widespread in volcanic areas.
14th August 2015

New Siemens SST-400 GEO steam turbine for geothermal power plants

With a rating of up to 60 megawatts, the new SST-400 GEO steam turbine for geothermal applications combines the proven casing and turbine-generator package (gearbox, generator and base frame) of the Siemens SST-400 steam turbine with the steam path technologies developed, tested and applied by the steam turbine service provider TurboCare. The SST-400 GEO steam turbine can be deployed in geothermal power plants with different thermal fluids.
25th April 2012

GeoT*SOL basic 1.0 R2: The perfect tool for planning of heat pump systems

GeoT*SOL basic is a professional-grade, easy-to-use tool that is specially designed for planning and dimensioning heat pump systems. The software lets you choose between a variety of system types and components, calculate energy usage and costs, and thereby target the highest possible ACOP.
9th March 2012

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