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TI Announces Smart Bypass Diode With Industry's Lowest Power Dissipation

Texas Instruments introduce a smart bypass diode in a standard surface-mount package with 15-A current handling capability and the industry’s lowest power dissipation. In a typical application, each SM74611 lowers power dissipation by 80 percent and reduces the operating temperature inside the junction box by 50 degrees C when compared with a similar box using three conventional Schottky diodes.

Vishay Foil Resistors Alternative Energy Video Simulation

Vishay Precision Group today announced that its Vishay Foil Resistors brand has released a new video that compares the stability and accuracy of three different current sense precision resistor technologies used in solar panels: thick film, metal band, and next-generation Bulk Metal Z-Foil. The short video demonstrates how an increase in ambient temperature results in a change in accuracy and stability in thick film and metal band resistors; but has no effect on the Z-Foil resistor.
21st November 2012

Power Schottky bypass diodes in solar applications

STMicroelectronics have released a new ePresentation discussing power Schottky bypass diodes in solar applications.
12th October 2012

STMicroelectronics Charge Your Phone Battery with the Sun

STMicroelectronics demonstrate innovative solar battery charger featuring embedded MPPT which significantly increases charging efficiency for mobile applications.
27th September 2012

A comparison between SolarEdge power optimizers and microinverters

SolarEdge is the leading global provider of end-to-end solar power optimization systems and monitoring solutions, for maximum solar power harvesting and faster return on investment. Both module level electronics technologies overcome the shortcomings of traditional inverters and enable maximum power, module level monitoring, flexible design and enhanced safety.
27th July 2012

Using Microcontrollers for Solar Powered Applications and Solutions

Learn when to consider a microcontroller over other devices in a design and understand some design considerations to keep in mind when implementing microcontrollers. Understand the different types of microcontrollers and their unique functions and capabilities.
29th May 2012

New Alternative Energy Solutions for Engineers

Welcome to New Product Solutions for Engineers! Learn about new alternative energy solutions from Mircrochip, TE Connectivity, Linear Technology, and National Products from Texas Instruments. Presented by element14
17th April 2012

Maximum PV energy at a lower cost - Part 3/3

SolarEdge provides groundbreaking Distributed Power Harvesting and Monitoring systems that produce more PV energy at a lower cost. Module manufacturers, integrators, installers and system owners of residential and large-scale PV sites benefit from constraint-free site design, full site space utilization, reduced installation time and maintenance cost, module-level monitoring, improved safety, and theft prevention. Part 3 presents unique advantages like module-level monitoring, improved installer and firefighters safety, and BIPV support.
13th April 2012

Green Data Center Management: Power Efficiency Solutions with Dell, Intel, and Joulex

Go green in your cloud data center by enabling policy-based power management with Intel Data Center Manager, Intel Node Manager on Dell PowerEdge C-series servers, and Joulex.
13th March 2012

CC430 Energy Harvesting

Information on energy harvesting and end appliations and how CC430 and TI play a role.
7th February 2012

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