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The easy-to-use module for single-phase solar applications

The easy-to-use module for single-phase solar applications
Vincotech has announced the launch of the flowSOL 1 BI (TL) high efficiency H6.5 inverter with dual booster designed to ease the development of single-phase solar applications up to 10 kW. Efficient, reliable and robust, this module is perfect for higher power multi-PV installations. The new flowSOL 1 BI (TL) is an innovative module which features a dual booster and three-level H6.5 inverter in a single housing. This smart alternative to conventional solutions reduces power losses by up to 20%.
9th April 2018

Keeping a step ahead with Vincotech's three level design

Vincotech has announced the launch of a unique three-level solution for high-voltage solar and ESS applications. The cost-efficient new flowNPC 1 split meets the demands of sophisticated devices by combining two fast modules to improve thermal performance and enable four-quadrant operation.
31st May 2016

Three-level topology for solar applications

Vincotech has announced the release of a new line of three-level power modules engineered to achieve highest efficiency for single-phase solar inverters, even at reactive power. Packaged in the most compact flow 1 housing, flowPACK 1 H6.5 combines excellent performance with remarkable cost efficiency.
31st May 2016

Vincotech corners a quarter of the world's solar market in 2015

Vincotech helped generate 13GW of solar energy in 2015 with power modules installed in solar inverters that account for around 25% of that year's global yield. Vincotech’s persistent innovation and quality service have produced components that are saving more than 17m tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (MMTCDE) every year, which is tantamount to planting some 440m trees.
31st May 2016

Vincotech releases MOSFET-based three level, inverter power module

Vincotech has introduced a new fully MOSFET-based NPC converter module in a flow 1 housing. Designed for 1200 V solar inverter applications, this module features a split output, eliminates cross conduction and provides reactive power capability.
1st November 2012

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