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Are you more connected than you realise?

Do you know how much your life is impacted by the energy infrastructure?

Five TE sensors that make wind turbines possible

TE is a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor based systems, providing support to wind engineers in both the development and operation of wind turbines.
22nd May 2017

HandEnergy: your pocket electricity generator

  HandEnergy is not only the energy generator which can save you any minute you need to make an important call, send sms or take a picture. HandEnergy is the device that can help people with limited access to electrical grid.
30th March 2017

The importance of monitoring a PV system

Follow the adventures of these two homeowners who understand the importance of monitoring PV systems. With SolarEdge, you get module-level PV monitoring free for the system life time.
8th August 2016

Harvest ambient energy for efficient nano power solutions

Niranjan shows how TI's portfolio of Energy Harvesting solutions draw power from ambient sources like light, heat, vibration and electromagnetic frequency to help you design truly efficient, battery-less nano power solutions.
2nd November 2015

Energy harvesting demonstration

Tom Sparkman provides a high-level overview and demonstrations of Cypress energy harvesting solutions.
7th August 2015

See the world’s first solar-powered family car in London

The world’s first solar-powered family car Stella made an appearance at London Docklands to be shown off to the UK media who were invited by NXP to take part in a roundtable discussion on security in the connected car.
1st October 2014

Solar Dice: conquering the Internet of Things world

The Solar Dice demo video walks designers through a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution that powers sensors and other ultra-low power devices that contain no batteries or very small capacity batteries.
17th July 2014

STM32 powers the 2013 Stanford solar car Luminos

Powered in part by STMicroelectronics' STM32 microcontroller, the Stanford solar car project "Luminos" will be racing across the Australian outback in the 2013 World Solar Challenge.
23rd October 2013

World's first solar-powered family car

This video from NXP Semiconductors highlights the world's first solar-powered family car which will soon take on the World Solar Challenge 2013.
13th August 2013

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