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Consumers have huge environmental impact

The world's workshop - China - surpassed the United States as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases on Earth in 2007. But if you consider that nearly all of the products that China produces, from iPhones to tee-shirts, are exported to the rest of the world, the picture looks very different. "If you look at China's per capita consumption-based (environmental) footprint, it is small," says Diana Ivanova, a PhD candidate at Norwegian University of Science and Technology's Industrial Ecology Programme.
4th March 2016

Clean energy could stress global water resources

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector could lead to greater pressure on water resources, increasing water use and thermal water pollution. Dedicated adaptation measures will be needed in order to avoid potential trade-offs between the water and climate change impacts of the energy system.
4th March 2016

Satellite alerts can track small-scale deforestation

Satellite alerts can track small-scale deforestation
With data from satellites, there is generally a trade-off between resolution and the frequency of updates. This is the reason why most of the alerts already on Global Forest Watch, an interactive online forest monitoring and alert system designed to empower people everywhere with the information they need to better manage and conserve forest landscapes, are 500 or 250m resolution.
4th March 2016

Researchers grow cyberforests to predict climate change

Researchers grow cyberforests to predict climate change
It can take Mother Nature 1,000 years to grow a forest. But Nikolay Strigul, assistant professor of mathematics and statistics, Washington State University Vancouver, can grow one on a computer in three weeks. He and Jean Lienard, a mathematics postdoctoral researcher, created the first computer simulation that grows realistic forests down to the branches, leaves and roots of individual trees.
25th February 2016

Assessing the impact of human-induced climate change

Assessing the impact of human-induced climate change
The past century has seen a 0.8°C (1.4°F) increase in average global temperature and according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the overwhelming source of this increase has been emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from human activities.
21st January 2016

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