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Energy storage units repel power blackouts

Energy storage units repel power blackouts
Moixa Technology has partnered with Internet of Things (IoT) specialist 1248 to deploy innovative MASLOW energy storage systems across 300 UK homes and offices in London, East Anglia and South West along with student accommodation at Brunel University.  The patented MASLOW technology stores energy from solar panels during the day and low-tariff electricity supplies in the night to reduce peak energy use and keep vital lighting and computing devices working during power cuts.
16th October 2014

Energy storage systems operate in extreme conditions

Energy storage systems operate in extreme conditions
Schaefer is proud to announce the SCS family of air or liquid cooled energy storage solutions for mission critical or remote location requirements that need to perform under extreme environmental conditions in alternative energy, military and rail. The SCS has a maintenance-free design that offers the ability to provide highly reliable energy storage as a standalone solution or to extend the battery life of your present storage solution.
18th June 2014

Nickel-Iron batteries for microgrid energy storage

Nickel-Iron batteries for microgrid energy storage
Encell Technology has today announced the introduction of a new Nickel-Iron battery, the Atlas 160. Designed to replace traditional valve-regulated lead-acid batteries in demanding microgrid energy storage applications, the 160 Ampere-hour, front-terminal, 12-volt rechargeable batteries started shipping this week.
19th August 2013

Keeping It To Yourself!

As photovoltaic arrays become more common, consumers need to make informed decisions about the energy storage systems they use, so how should a consumer choose? Dr Alexander Hirnet, General Manager, Energy Storage Systems, VARTA Micro Storage GmbH, explores this issue further in this article from ES Design magazine.
8th May 2013

Boost the power of your smart meter with Nesscap Ultracapacitors

Smart meters are constantly evolving, and in order to meet the increasing demands of additional data collection such as tamper, leak detection, low battery, reverse flow and the option to control the meters remotely, power has become an important parameter. Nesscap ultracapacitors, distributed by Easby Electronics, can provide the additional short-term power to optimise the overall system.
3rd October 2012

Intensium Max Li-ion system provides Megawatt level Energy Storage

Saft will provide the megawatt level lithium-ion energy storage system for one of Europe’s first large-scale electricity storage projects. In 2013, a fully integrated Saft ESS capable of delivering 1 megawatt of power for up to 3 hours will be commissioned on the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria as part of the Endesa-led pioneering STORE project to demonstrate how energy storage can maximize the integration of renewable energy - wind or photovoltaic – within utility networks and optimize the grid infrastructure.
17th September 2012

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